The premise for this show was that lee majors was a stunt man with a big truck. he would use his stunt man abilities to right wrongs and generally help the good guy win. in the course of the show he would invariably hook up with various attractive women.  Each episode began with one of Colt's daredevil (and usually high-speed) movie stunts, then shifted to his pursuit of the bail jumpers--during which Colt often
used the same stunts he had used in the movie.

  Colt Seavers was a badass former stunt man turned bounty hunter.  

  Howie Munson; Colt's inexperienced but eager young cousin.

   Terri Michaels; *grrrroowwwll*.  Terri was a bail bondswoman who handed Colt his assignments.

     Co-stuntwoman Jody Banks; double *grrrroowwll*.  

  This was the opening credits scene, the reason I never missed 8:00 PM, ABC on Wednesdays.