The Herculoids were a cartoon created by Hanna Barbera back in the sixties.  I didn't grow up in the sixties but I remember watching the reruns religiously as a kid.  The story is about the royal family of Amzot on the planet Quazar.  The funny thing is I don't remember them every having any sort of subjects or underlings other than some creatures that helped them beat all kinds of baddies.

 Zandor was king of the land of Amzot.  He is the leader with a shield and a slingshot that fires energy rocks or something.

This hottie is Tara, she is the wife of Zandor and the queen of Amzot.  

Dorno is the child of Tara and Zandor.  So I guess that makes him the prince of Amzot.

 This badass is Zok, he's a flying space dragon that fires rays from his eyes and tail.  He also shoots some circular beam from his eyes that acts like and immobilizer.  He is able to carry two people on his back and has a really cool battle scream.  Zok was my favorite, I always wanted a winged space dragon who could shoot energy beams from his eyes.

Igoo is a big ape made of rock, he's super strong and indestructable.  He usually just throws really heavy stuff at the enemy and grunts angrily at them

 Tundro is a ceratopsian dinosaur that has like ten legs and shoots energy rock out of his horn.  

 Gloop and Gleep, this gelatinous duo can assume many shapes and break apart to get back together again.  They couldn't talk but they murmured alot.